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We are near Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We help to buy Bitcoin Mining Equipment and provide Premium Miner Hosting in Tier III and Tier II Data Centers.

Are you looking to buy the best Bitcoin mining equipment or want premium miner hosting services? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Bitcoin Miner Hosting Solutions, we offer the most advanced Bitcoin Mining hardware and cryptocurrency hosting solutions.
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Whether you’re a cryptocurrency hobbyist or a professional, we aim to make your mining more profitable by offering the latest and most effective bitcoin mining ASIC hardware. Moreover, we specialize in hosting high-density computer hardware by allowing you to put your servers in our state-of-the-art data centers.

Our world-class Data Centers are managed by IT specialists and are capable of providing diverse power, seismic stability, and highly efficient cooling environments. You simply need to ship your equipment to our data center, and we will run your hardware in a professionally managed data center, without compromising on your control. What makes us different is our commitment to provide you 100% uptime and the best support in the industry. With us, your mining hardware is efficiently managed by our team of professional technicians and engineers who monitor our facilities around the clock.

To accommodate the needs of hundreds of our valued customers, we have top-notch Tier III and Tier II Class Data Centers that are located in Montreal and QC. We are the leading name in the industry not only for offering instant turn-key solutions but also for utilizing cleanest sources of energy. Our data centers are designed with energy efficiency in mind, and we make use of hydroelectric power to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

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Crypto Miner Hosting

Crypto Miner Hosting

Hosting solutions designed for Bitcoin Miners in mind. Send your mining equipment and we will do the rest. All inclusive hosting solutions.

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See our instant turn-key solutions and start your bitcoin mine today. No Shipping, No Delays, Lowest Rates and Complete Support.

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Bitcoin Consulting

Bitcoin Consulting

Not sure where to start? See our FAQ section. Call, email or submit your form and we’ll be glad to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Antminer Repair Services

Antminer Repair Services

Repair service of all types of hashboards for Antminer S19 is available in-house

Miner Repair

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Our Remote locations near Hydropower plants in Canada offer the lowest power rate and one of the cleanest sources of energy.

Premium Tier III and Tier II Class Data Centers Located in the heart of Montreal, QC and within 100 km radius offer security, reliable power and almost unlimited scalability for your operation.

We have the latest model miners available to order, providing a turnkey one-stop bitcoin hosting and equipment solution.

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November 2023

官网168幸运澳洲5计划开奖 澳洲幸运5开奖结果+开奖记录-Canada's Emergence as a Powerhouse in Global Bitcoin Mining

As the landscape of cryptocurrency mining continually evolves, Canada has carved out a niche for itself as a strong contender in the international arena. The country’s unique set of attributes has positioned it as a magnet for Bitcoin mining operations, distinguishing itself through several key competitive advantages. Below, we delve into what sets Canada apart […]

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November 2023

Navigating the Evolution of ASIC Mining: Prospects and Developments in Canada’s Cryptocurrency Landscape

In the digital currency revolution, the process of mining cryptocurrencies has become a pivotal aspect, with Canada carving out a niche for itself as an ideal locale for this digital gold rush. Specifically, ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) mining is pushing the boundaries of efficiency and processing power. Canada’s unique combination of a chilly climate, political […]

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Our Data Centers

We have the ability to host up to 25,000 bitcoin miners in our own and partner Data Centers.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Huntington, Quebec, Canada

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